Plumbing Winter Tips – How to Prevent Disasters

• Avoid Frozen Pipes

Winter season is a time when one has to be extra cautious with their plumbing piping. What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, you should keep an eye at your water pressure. This is because the first sign of a frozen pipe is water flow restriction. As such, if you notice that your water pressure has reduced, you should act faster by calling the ARS or the Rescue Rooter.Plumbing

• Freezing Prevention

During cold days or nights, you are recommended to let cold water trickle from your faucets. You should not open them to a maximum, all you need to do is to open it slightly (the water flowing should be smaller than a pencil’s width). The aim is to prevent freezing.

NOTE: when water is flowing, it does not freeze.

• Disconnecting and Draining Garden Hoses or Outdoor Pipes

Before wither season begins, it is important to make sure that you have disconnected and drained garden hoses to avoid damages. Primary level physics talks about the expansion and contraction of matter. This does also include water. As such, during winter, water contracts which forms ice. If a lot of ice is formed in a closed system, breakage will occur. Therefore, the buildup of water lines will not only affect outdoor piping, but also those in your home and it could lead to a serious problem.

• Shut-off The Main Valve That Takes Water to the Outdoor Pipe

In your home, there is that main valve that leads water to all outdoor pipes and garden hoses. These valves are mainly found under sinks, basement, crawl space, closer to water heaters or meter. However, keep in mind that different homes are built differently.

• Warm Air Circulation

Circulating warm air around the house does help in preventing water freezing. As such, the room temperature should be above 55°. As you are doing this, you should consider opening cabinet doors under the sink and any other important area to keep the area flowing with warm air.

• Check If Snow Is Restricting Water Drainage

Water drainage systems are very important. To avoid water or drainage related problems, you should make sure that you have checked the area around your sump pump discharge line. If the area is blocked by snow or the snow is flowing into a puddle, freezing could occur. At the same time, water back-ups into the house could happen.

• The Importance of Maintenance

The best way to ensure your plumbing system is working properly is by scheduling regular maintenance and checkups. Ensure you do this often before it is too late or when a problem has occurred.

Go Online to Learn More About Your HVAC

Is your HVAC system giving you problems? Do you know what to do to fix the issue? Because problems with your heating and air conditioning system can crop up seemingly overnight, it is a good idea to have an HVAC company that you can call in a pinch. However, the reality is that most people don’t have a company that they can call when things go wrong. They may not have thought to establish a relationship ahead of time or they may not have a reliable company in mind. If you are searching for a technician to fix your system, go online. It is the best place to find information related to your HVAC unit

How The Internet Can Help

Before the Internet, there were several ways you could go about hiring a technician. It was very important to get recommendations from friends and family members, and that still holds true today as well. However, when homeowners were not able to get a recommendation, the only thing they could do was look through the newspaper or get out the Yellow Pages.

The Internet has changed the face of advertising forever. Businesses that pay to put an advertisement in the newspaper do not have a lot of room to list pertinent details about their business. However, on the Internet, they can put up pictures, list relevant experience and even post customer testimonials.


Lots of Information At Your Fingertips

If you need a technician to come out to service your HVAC unit, go to his or her website first. You can find out what areas they serve and what they can do for you. In addition, the look and feel of the website might tell you a lot about the company as well. Is it a professional site or is it riddled with errors?

You can do more than just look at the website, however. Customers post reviews about various companies on a number of different sites. You can research several different companies and see which one you feel the most comfortable using. Remember that everyone is bound to get a few bad reviews, but if the majority of the posts about a particular company are negative, you should probably stay away from it.


How to Deal with Heating Disputes in Your Household

If you share a home with your family or some roommates, you know that it can be difficult to set a room temperature that is comfortable for everyone. In fact, disagreeing over the ideal room temperature can lead to some real conflicts in a household. If this is the kind of situation you are in, the following tips will help you find a solution and avoid further heating conflicts over the room temperature.

Do Not Let Conflict Hurt Your Relationship

Did you know that men and women have slightly different metabolisms? Women usually have a metabolic rate that is slightly lower than a man’s, which mean they are more sensitive to the cold. A recent study found that temperatures tend to be almost frigid in offices when the air conditioned unit is on to accommodate the preferences of men while female employees have to bring a sweater to work in the summer. Going through a dispute or conflict with members of your family over the room temperature is definitely not worth it. If this is an issue, you need to work on finding a middle ground so that everyone can be comfortable in your home.


Use Space Heaters

You can easily find an energy-efficient and safe space heater and shouldn’t encounter any problems if you follow the instructions when using your space heater. Getting a space heater is an easy way to allow one person to increase the temperature in their room while maintaining a slightly lower temperature in the rest of your home so that everyone can be comfortable.


Opt For Zone Heating

If you have a modern home with zone heating, you can set a different temperature in each room. Smart vents and smart thermostats allow you to customize the temperature in different areas of your home. Keep the temperature down in the rooms you do not use much and let each member of the household choose their ideal temperature for their room.


Energy Efficiency Is Important

If money is part of the reason why you are arguing over the room temperature, look for ways to make your home more energy-efficient. You could for instance improve your insulation, clean and maintain your furnace and your AC system or take advantage of curtains to let sunlight in or to better insulate your windows. You will probably find that you do not mind turning up the thermostat a little to accommodate a family member once you start saving money on your energy bills.


Find A Compromise

You have to accept that fact that it might not be possible to find a temperature that makes everyone happy, especially if you are sharing a bedroom with your spouse. You need to communicate on this issue and find a compromise so you can both live comfortable. You could for instance set the thermostat between two temperatures to find a middle ground and get some extra blankets or sweaters for the person who would prefer a higher temperature.

Lower Your HVAC Bills with Better Insulation

The average household in Canada uses significantly more emergency on air conditioning and heating than any other systems inside their home. Although it is unfortunate, it is better than being freezing cold in winter or sweltering hot in the summer. There are steps homeowners can take to minimize their HVAC System bills, while remaining comfortable throughout the year. One popular energy saving method can make the largest impact in utility bills; it is upgrading or adding insulation. Keep reading to learn more

Do Not Waste your Heating and Air Conditioning

Although it goes without saying, spending money on HVAC System, but allowing it to escape into the outdoor air is wasteful. This is the reason insulation is extremely important. It will help keep the hot or cold air inside your home, where you can feel the benefits.

HVAc systemThere are two major reasons your treated air becomes wasted. Holes or leaks in your home and the conduction of air through the roof and walls. Insulation can help solve both problems. Depending on the extent of treated air loss from your home, insulation is an affordable way to solve the problem.

Find Leaks and Fix Your Attic

You can use a draft detector, which can be found at your local hardware store, to help find leaks inside your home. The draft detector emits a small amount of smoke, which helps you determine areas where air is coming inside your home or leaving out. Pay attention to areas around windows and doors, and where you may have holes for vents and pipes. Electrical outlets are another problem. These are all major culprits for drafts. An inexpensive solution for small air leaks is spray foam or caulk, which can quickly fix the problem.

Some homes, especially ones that are several decades old, may require extensive insulation repairs to help improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Adding insulation or replacing the current insulation in your attic can make a significant difference because heat rises. Insulation will help prevent heated air from escaping from the roof. Conversely, make sure to repair insulation in the basement, if necessary. Cold air sinks and it can be lost through the basement in the summer or it can be drawn up from the basement when you are trying to heat your home.

Gaining the Most from Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Modern home are often build with a better envelope, so there is less concerns about being energy inefficiency. However, it is always worth the effort to double check your home for any leaks and to ensure you have proper insulation, especially inside the attic and basement.

To have a complete checkup of the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning, or if you need advice on improving your insulation, call an expert HVAC technician now.